Legend of the Aluxes in the Riviera Maya

Do you believe in spirits? have you ever heard of Mayan spiritual creatures? We are about to change your mind.

In Mayan culture, Aluxes are considered spiritual beings that inhabit the forests and cenotes of the region. These tiny, goblin-like creatures are said to be the guardians of nature and the protectors of hidden treasures in the jungle. Therefore, when you are going to plant or start a plantation, or plan to build a house, you should make some offering. If you don’t, legend has it that they could play tricks on you. According to tradition, Aluxes can be friendly or mischievous, depending on how they are treated. They attract those who show respect for nature and stir up mischief in those who do not.

Locals and faithful believers participate in a ritual guided by a Mayan priest. In this ritual, a figure made of clay, wood or other material is given to the person who will be his master for the next few years, to provide protection for his house or what he harvests.


Once you have the figure, you take it to the fields and present it to the gods. Finally, he hides somewhere near his master so that he can come alive at night and protect his house from intruders. From that moment on, the little elf must be fed and happy with the offerings that his master accepted in the ritual. After seven years, the soul of the Alux must be released to return to the jungle or where it belongs.

"Aluxes" Park
Alma Maya's Cenote

These generally live in forests, cenotes, grottoes, or caves. It is rumored that they can even be found in our private cenote. There is one hidden place in the Riviera Maya, where, not only will you have the opportunity to experience swimming in our cenotes, also, if you are lucky, you could coincide with the aluxes ! If you want to learn more about it, visit their website at www.almamayaresort.com    

According to the beliefs of the Mayans and the inhabitants of the southeast of the country, the aluxes protect the cenotes.

Remember to be careful and respectful wherever you go as you may unleash the wrath of the aluxes. Always take care of others and places, helping to preserve them.


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